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Notice of the parades taking place in our District this year. Further details will appear here…

Saturday 30th June - Somme Remembrance Parade

Sunday 8th July - Annual District Service

Thursday 12th July - The Twelfth in Newtownards

All Newtownards lodges and their bands are requested to be at the Orange Hall for 11am. Districts 11, 14 and 18 will assemble at Londonderry Park.

The parade will be led by Loughries True Blues LOL 1948 and William Strain William Lightbody Memorial Flute Band. The parade will begin at 11.30am and go by following route:

Mary Street, Mark Street, Marquis Street, Talbot Street, Upper North Street, North Street, Frances Street, Zion Place, Georges Street.

(Districts 11, 14 and 18 will be formed up at the lights on Portaferry Road and will fall in behind no 4 district as we pass.)

Parade will then continue Portaferry Road, Castle Street, High Street, Mill Street, Frederick Street, Regent Street, Frances Street, Zion Place, Upper Movilla Street, Queen Street, Upper Greenwell Street, New Road, Portaferry Road and into Londonderry Park via the first entrance. Any cars/buses in the procession should continue past the roundabout and enter via the entrance at the pavilion.


All lodges and bands are requested to be back in the field for 4pm.

The parade will form up after the conclusion of the platform proceedings and proceed along the path exiting the park where we came in. The parade will then proceed via Portaferry Road, Castle Street (against the traffic), High Street, Mill Street, Gibson’s Lane, Regent Street, Frances Street to the junction with Castle Place where no 4 district will split ranks to allow the visiting districts to pass through and parade to their buses (Districts 14 & 18 buses will be on Bangor Road; District 11 buses on Upper Greenwell Street).

No 4 district will then reform and parade Frances Street, Castle Place, High Street into Conway Square. Following the prize giving and playing of the national anthem the parade will disperse.