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The Twelfth in Holywood

This year’s 12th demonstration takes place in Holywood, when the Districts of Newtownards, Upper Ards, Bangor and Holywood join together to mark the 329th anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne. The demonstration field will be at Spafield.

The morning parade in Newtownards will form up in Mary Street at 9.45am and start at 10am. Ex-Servicemen’s LOL 1952 will lead the District this year.

ROUTE: Mary Street, Frances Street, Castle Place, High Street, Gibson’s Lane, Regent Street, Church Street, Belfast Road and onto buses at the duck pond. Buses will leave at 10.45am.

On arrival in Holywood, Newtownards District will de-bus at Downshire Road no later than 11.30am. Holywood District will start the main parade from Sullivan Place at midday, followed, in order, by Newtownards, Upper Ards and Bangor districts.

ROUTE: Sullivan Place, High Street, Belfast Road, Abbey Ring, Abbots Wood, Demesne Road, Downshire Road, Church View, Church Road, Brooke Street, Victoria Road, Priory Corner, High Street, Sullivan Place and turn left opposite Redburn Square to enter the laneway to the rugby pitch at Spafield.

Traders and stalls will be accommodated in the upper car park at Spafield, which will be closed for parking. Car parking will be available at the Queen’s Leisure Complex. The religious service in the field will begin at 2.45pm.

The return parade will leave the field again at 4pm via the same laneway to Sullivan Place and High Street where Holywood District will open ranks to allow Newtownards and Upper Ards districts to parade to their buses on Bangor Road. Bangor District will turn down Shore Street.

On return to Newtownards in the evening (approx. 5.45pm) lodges and bands will de-bus on Bangor Road and parade to Conway Square for prize giving and the National Anthem.

ROUTE: Bangor Road, Zion Place, George’s Street, Upper Movilla Street, Queen Street, Upper Greenwell Street, New Road, Portaferry Road, Castle Street (against traffic), High Street, Conway Square.