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Banner Series - LOL 1948

Our look at the banner carried by lodges in the District turns now to Loughries True Blues LOL 1948.

This lodge was formed 1869 in the Loughries area of Newtownards and having enjoyed revived membership in recent years, they are among the most active lodges in the District.

The lodge banner dates from 2012 and the lodge are surely unique in local circles in having the banner painter, Bro Stephen Rodgers, as a member of their very own lodge.

The traditional image of William of Orange astride his white horse adorns one side of the banner, while five main images  are depicted on the reverse. The central image is that of Lord Carson's statue, which stands in the grounds of Stormont. Four smaller images show the signing of the Ulster Covenant; gun running activities at Donaghadee; a scene from the Battle of the Somme; and the Ulster Tower in France.

Since 2016 the lodge has also carried a smaller bannerette on parade. Launched in the centenary year of the Battle of the Somme, the standard is dedicated to the memory of five lodge members who fought in France.