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Banner Series - LOL 1521

One of the most outward images of a lodge is the banner they carry at the head their ranks. In part 3 of a new series, we take a look at these local banners.

Reformation Truth Defenders LOL 1521 were formed on 27th January 2017, making them one of the youngest lodges in the jurisdiction of Ireland. In May of the same year, the lodge presented their first banner.

The banner itself had been kindly donated by Loughries True Blues LOL 1948 and repurposed by the new lodge. It was unveiled in the presence of the County Grand Master Bro Walker in a rededication ceremony in Martyr's Memorial Church in Belfast.

The banner shows the Presbyterian Covenanters in a scene from the 1679 Battle of Bothwell Bridge, while an unusual depiction on the reverse shows 'the fortunate escape of King William III', after being wounded while surveying his troops the day before the Battle of the Boyne.