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2012 marked the 60th year in existence of King George VI Memorial LOL 1973 and in early November members gathered with visiting brethren and friends to mark the anniversary.

At an evening of celebration in Craigantlet Orange Hall, those present heard from the Orange Institution historian Bro. David Cargo about the early days of Orangeism in Craigantlet and how the founder members of 'the lodge on the hill' set a firm basis for a lodge to still be in existence today.

LOL 1973's own Bro. Andrew Harris, on the eve of Remembrance Sunday, gave a talk on the trials of the men of the First World War and talked guests through his range of military artifacts.

Following supper, many of those present recalled their own stories of the early days of 1973, while others talked of past evenings in Craigantlet hall. Entertainment from Addie Donaldson brought the enjoyable evening to a close.