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A District of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland

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Boyne LOL 1054 was formed some time during the 1820s. By 1831 when No 4 District Lodge (Ards) was formed the first District Master was James Boal of LOL 1054.

In the late 1850s there was a dispute in the district, which led to the formation of No 11 District (Upper Ards) in 1861. LOL 1054 became a founding Lodge of No 11 District and provided its first District Master. The lodge at this time met in a lodge room in Mary Elgin's, Upper Mary Street. Around this period Lodges began taking names, prior to this they were known by Lodge number. In 1874, 1054 was known as 'Boyne'.

a Lodge gathering from 1930

At this time Lodges carried large flags rather than banners and 1054 seems to have purchased a new flag in 1886. In its early days the Lodge was known as the 'stone-cutter's Lodge', as many of the members worked in the nearby quarries, but the Lodge was known later as the 'tradesmen's Lodge'.

From 1900 to 1917 the Master of the Lodge was James Smyth, who was to play an important role in the life of the lodge and Orangeism in Newtownards. The first Lodge banner was unfurled in the early years of the 20th Century with King William crossing the Boyne on one side and the Relief of the Siege of Derry on the other.

During the First World War, twenty members of the Lodge volunteered to serve in the Armed Forces, and at one stage during the war there were only three active members to keep the Lodge going. Four members of the Lodge were to pay the supreme sacrifice. These were Rifleman Robert Lightbody, 6th Royal Irish Rifles, Private Andrew Russell, Cameron Highlanders, Private David Taylor, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, and Rifleman William McQuiston, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.

In October 1918 it was reported that a member of LOL 1954, Company Quartermaster Sergeant Hans Smyth of the 1st Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, had been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal 'for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty'. Another former member of the lodge, Thomas Murphy joined the 42nd Battalion of the Canadian Infantry, and in 1918 was awarded the Military Medal for gallantry and devotion to duty in action.

It was proposed that portraits of the King and Queen be painted on the Lodge lambeg drums, however this proposal was withdrawn and the Lodge decided instead to have a portrait of Lord Kitchener and Sir Edward Carson. In 1922 LOL 1054 had 74 members on the books.

It was also a time of high unemployment, which led to a number of members of the Lodge emigrating to North America. The Lodge treasurer, James Smyth, who had been elected Deputy District Master in 1920, was able to report in 1923, that the Lodge was in a healthy financial condition despite so much unemployment.

A new Lodge banner was unfurled in June 1925. The design of the banner was the same as the previous banner. Nine members of the Lodge served during the Second World War.

In 1940 James Smyth was elected District Master, and in 1943 he became a Deputy Grand Master of Ireland. In May 1944 the lodge presented an illuminated address to James Smyth who celebrated his golden jubilee in Orangeism. He had been the Lodge treasurer for the past twenty years.

Following a discussion at the District, where it had been put forward that every Lodge in the town be responsible for an arch, LOL 1054 erected a Lodge arch in Mary Street.

In 1954 when the Lodge decided to purchase a new banner, a portrait of the late Bro James Smyth was on one side and the Relief of Derry on the other.

William Maurice May M.P., who had transferred to LOL 1054, was given a warm welcome to his first meeting of the Lodge in October 1955. In November 1956 he was congratulated by the Lodge on becoming Deputy District Master, and the following June the Lodge congratulated him on becoming Minister for Education in the Stormont Government.

the Lodge and visitors on 12th July 2007

The Lodge discussed purchasing a new banner in 1972. The Lodge decided that the banner should have Scrabo Tower on one side and The Sermon on the Mount on the other. The banner cost 120 and was unfurled on 1 July 1975.

The present banner featuring King William at the Boyne and scenes of Newtownards was unfurled in 1997.


Our current banner features the victory of King William III at the Battle of the Boyne, 1690 on one side and on the other side, scenes from our hometown of Newtownards. We believe that our banner is currently the only one with an inscription in Ulster-Scots.

  James Smyth

Past members of our Lodge have included William Maurice May M.P. who was a Minister of Education in the Stormont Government and James Smyth who was a Deputy Grand Master of Ireland, and whose portrait hangs in the Orange Hall.


In the past, the Lodge walked with lambeg drums, one of the drums having a portrait of the great Unionist leader Lord Carson, the other having the portrait of Lord Kitchener. For the past few years, the Newtownards Volunteer Flute Band has accompanied the Lodge.

LOL 1054 trip to Londonderry

On Saturday 8th September 2007 members of Boyne LOL 1054 and friends went on a trip to Londonderry and East Donegal. In the maiden city we were given a guided tour of the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall, the City Walls and St Columb's Cathedral. The excellent tour guide was the local historian William Temple.

The cathedral and its stained glass windows, depicting the Siege of Derry 1688-89

After lunch the party crossed the border into East Donegal where they met up with members of East Donegal Ulster Scots Association. After tea and biscuits, musical entertainment and poetry was provided and finally the trip moved on to Faughan Presbyterian Church hall for an excellent tea.

Thanks to Farset for funding, Billy Brown for transport, William Temple, the East Donegal Ulster Scots Association for an insight into how the Protestant minority community live in the Irish Republic and the ladies of Faughan Presbyterian Church for the excellent catering.

Tour guide William Temple answers questions on Londonderry's historic walls

Busy Times For Lodge

Protestant Rallies

The lodge commemorated the 400th anniversary of the failure of the Gunpowder Plot with a Protestant Rally held at Schomberg House on 5th November 2005.  The event was organised in conjunction with the Evangelical Protestant Society and Wor Bro Rev Eric Culbertson spoke on the Gunpowder Plot and Wor Bro Rev Ron Johnston spoke on Orange Principles.  Among those in attendance were the Grand Master, Most Wor Bro Robert Saulters and the Past Grand Master Wor Bro Rev Martin Smyth.

A further rally to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the burning of the Protestant Martyrs was held at Schomberg House in April 2006, with the special speaker being the Deputy Grand Master of Ireland, Wor Bro Rev Stephen Dickinson.

The hall was decorated with banners depicting the martyrdom of the Protestants bishops Latimer and Ridley, including the old banner of Blue Banner Total Abstinence LOL 781 from Donaghadee and Silent Valley LOL 263 from Mourne District.


Commemorative Booklet Published

To commemorate the 450th anniversary of the burning of the Protestant martyrs, the lodge published a booklet, which featured articles on John Foxe, the memorials to the Protestant martyrs, and some of the women martyrs of the Reformation.

12th July 2006

The 12th of July celebrations 2006 took place in Bangor to co-incide with the centenary of the formation of Bangor District.  The lodge walked with Portaferry Accordian Band and Portaferry lodge, with Wor Bro Stephen Graham helping the band out for a short while on the side drum.

Installation of Officers 2007

The January 2007 meeting of the lodge saw the installation of lodge officers for the incoming year and the meeting was held in the Orange headquarters at Schomberg House, Belfast.  Following the meeting a meal was enjoyed by the members of the lodge at the Park Avenue Hotel in East Belfast.

Boyne Trip 2004

The lodge organised a trip to the Boyne battle site in April 2004.  A short parade was held across the river accompanied by the Bawn Silver Band from County Tyrone. At the riverside a short thanksgiving service for King William's victory was held, conducted by the lodge chaplain Wor Bro Pastor Roy Graham. Members of lodges from Cavan and Monaghan were also present at the service. Despite the near constant rain the lodge members and friends had an enjoyable day out with the opportunity for some shopping in Drogheda.

LOL 1054 members with their banner and The Bawn
Silver Band at the Boyne battle site

Old Lodge Banner takes Pride of Place

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland exhibition for 2005 was entitled 'Pride of Place' and featured a number of lodge banners which depicted local scenes, churches, and buildings.

Among the banners that featured in the exhibition was the old banner of Boyne LOL 1054 which features Scrabo Tower.

A photograph of the banner appeared in the Belfast Newsletter and on the cover of the Orange Standard, and it also featured in the 2006 Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland calendar. 

The photograph shows Wor Bros K Graham, J Dickson and H Morrison at the launch of the exhibition.

Successful 12th of July 2005

In beautiful sunshine the members of the lodge celebrated the 315th anniversary of the battle of the Boyne in our hometown of Newtownards.

The members of the lodge held a short religious service
conducted by the chaplain, Wor Bro Pastor Roy Graham
at the WM's house before the celebrations began.
Wor Bro Gordon Wallace from Dundee   Walking down Frances Street

The WM, Wor Bro James Dickson laid on excellent catering arrangements with a cooked breakfast to start the day and a sit down meal in the Southside restaurant to round off the day. The lodge were supported as usual by a number of members of Sons of William LOL 145 who came over for the demonstration from Dundee.

Unfurling Of New Bannerette

On Friday 11th May 2007 the Lodge unveiled its new bannerette and flags. Special speakers were the Past Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland and former MP for South Belfast, Rev Martin Smyth and the Grand Chaplain of the Grand Orange Lodge, Rev Stephen Dickinson.

Lodge members and distinguished guests at the
unfurling ceremony

Mrs Amanda Graham, wife of our Worshipful Master, unveiled the bannerette and Wor Bro Hugh Morrison and Wor Bro James Dickson unfurled the flags.

The Lodge also took the opportunity to present two fifty year service jewels to Wor Bro James Dickson and Wor Bro James Woods.

The bannerette portrays the martyrdom of Latimer and Ridley on one side and the King William III crossing the Boyne on the other. An open bible, as the symbol of our protestant faith, surmounts both portraits.

The Lodge held its 2003 Installation of Officers at Dan Winter's Cottage in Loughgall, County Armagh, where the decision was taken to form the Orange Order following the Battle of the Diamond in 1795.

Members of the lodge with Sons of William LOL 145, Dundee
at the East of Scotland demonstration 2004

The Installation of Officers in January 2004 took place in the headquarters of the Orange Order, in Schomberg House, Belfast. 

These pictures show (from top) members and District Officers; paying tribute at the war memorial within the grounds; visiting Scottish brethren beside the portrait of King William; the Lodge officers

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